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Welcome to The Music House, Bouzouki and Kanonaki!  

Please read the information below - some of it is about safety and most of it is information that we hope will help to make your stay as enjoyable as possible


***FIRE RISKS!!!***

Please be very careful not to start a fire anywhere!  The islands are on high alert in the summer months and the dry weather and winds would have a devastating effect in the case of a fire.  PLEASE DO NOT HAVE A BBQ IN THE SUMMER MONTHS. DO NOT LEAVE ANY CANDLE UNATTENDED. Thank you for being careful. 


Please read these guidelines on what to do in case of fire:


The national emergency number is 112.  For non-emergencies call 100 for the police.


The fire department can be reached on 199




if you need a doctor or call the standard emergency number in Greece 112).  The health centre in Skopelos is on +30 24240 22222.  There is a private polyclinic in Skopelos Town that we have found very helpful in past years +30 24240 24500.


Information about the house and the island:




The fuse box is upstairs in the main room next to the front door.  The switches are labelled.  Please do not touch any unless there is a problem, except for the one labelled “swimming pool lights” and, in winter only, the hot water switch. 




We are told from the water officials that the water from the taps is OK to drink here in the village.   We have not heard any stories about anyone becoming ill from the water although some of our friends in the village have said that some years they have not been so sure about this.  If you are worried you could boil it and cool it in the fridge.  You can buy bottles of water in the supermarket. There is a spring down the path to Loutraki on the left – it has been renovated and the water is good.  


More generally, we have a collective “village responsibility“ not to waste water in the summer months!  Although this island is greener than many you will notice that it is generally very dry.  We collect rainwater through the year in a tank next to the storeroom to fill the pool.  If you use the dishwasher and washing machine please make sure that they are more or less full before you run them.



Hot Water


The hot water in the house is heated by solar panels.  In the winter, if you need it, the switch for the hot water is in the fuse box.  Please do not switch it on in summer.


Washing Machine


The washing machine instructions are in the bottom drawer in the kitchen.  There is a washing line in the garden.



Please enjoy this - but run full! 


Air conditioning


This is worked by using the remote controls in each room.  Please switch off when you do not need it and ALWAYS when you go out.  We were reluctant to install air conditioning because of the effect on the environment but there are times in high summer when it is really necessary.  Please keep windows and doors closed when you use the air conditioning.  It is possible to close a room and cool it down by using the air conditioning for about 20 minutes and then switching off and keeping doors and windows shut.




Rubbish should be taken to the large bins at the edge of the village on the main road.  These bins are emptied very frequently in the summer.  We suggest that you take your rubbish up on your way out every day or every other day to avoid having to lug large quantities up the hill.


Toys and Books


There are toys in the cupboard in the upstairs main room and books on the shelf – you are very welcome to borrow them, but please put them all back neatly afterwards. If you get stuck in a book and are desperate to bring it back please do so and return it to us in the UK (drop us a line to get our address - if we don’t need it you can just pass it on).




There are nets on all the windows of the main house that should help keep these out – keep doors closed after dusk.  There are also mosquito coils or candles from the supermarket that you can put on a saucer in the kitchen and light. Please don’t leave these unattended outside or in.





If you use more bedlinen from the cupboard please wash, iron and replace it. At the end of your stay please strip your beds and leave the bedding on the kitchen floor.  Thank you!




The bus stop is on the main road just to the right as you leave the village.  The bus timetable is written on a board near the main stop in Loutraki, Glossa, Klima (sometimes) and Skopelos Town.  The Palio Klima stop is 5-10 minutes from Glossa.  Pay when you get on the bus or pay the conductor when you have sat down.


Car Parking


There is a car park in the other part of the village off the main road.  Turn right out of the village, walk a little way down the main road and on the right, just after the bus shelter and on the bend, is a small road.  At the end of this is a car parking area.  Alternatively, if there is space, you can park on the main road near the village entrance.  Please park where it is safe for you and for other cars and pedestrians.  For loading and unloading at the beginning and end of your holiday you can drive into the village and stop temporarily at the telephone.


Flying Dolphins/Ferries


Please see the current timetable for details (  Be sure to check the dates on the timetable as they change times between seasons.  Most of the time, weather permitting, they run on time and take very little time to load and unload so don’t cut it too fine!  Tickets can be booked and bought from Nikos Triantaphyllou in Loutraki (on the right as you reach the restaurants), telephone 0030 24240 33435 or 24240 33435.  You can also buy tickets in the travel agents on the front in Skopelos Town.


Shops and Services


Glossa is the nearest town – turn left out of the village.  It is pretty and traditional with many old houses with original balconies and doors.  It is well worth a wander, especially in the cooler end of the day, when you can climb up to the church and enjoy the view.  


On the road going up into the town (park your car on the main road near the bend) there is a pharmacy.  There are a couple of supermarkets in the town – the most convenient is Iannis’s which is on the main road on the left as you reach Glossa from Klima.  There is another large supermarket at the top of the town which you can walk to or approach by car by turning off on the right before you reach Glossa and following the small upper road into the town.  Again, do not try and drive in the town – the streets are not really designed for cars.  There is a newsagents/kiosk on the main road at the bend as you enter Glossa.  This is also where the bus stop is.  Kyra Leni’s bakery is on the right (coming from Klima) just before you get to the big bend in the road.  You cannot miss it – it is a huge, multi coloured glass fronted shop with a few tables outside.  Her bread is excellent and she makes the best Skopelos cheese/spinach/pumpkin pies.  You can buy them warm and ready to eat or frozen to cook while you are at the house (shallow fry them on a low heat, turning often!).  She also makes various preserves – Skopelos is known for its almonds and damsons and a huge array of cakes.   The local honey tastes slightly marzipany – it must be the almond trees.  Karvelis’ bakery is on the right going up the hill into town - a lovely traditional bakery with delicious bread and koulourakia (biscuits).


Loutraki (known on the Flying Dolphin as Glossa) is the port of Glossa – a very small place with a supermarket on the right just before you reach the seafront coming on the main road from Glossa.  You can walk down the footpath from the house to Loutraki - go up the steps to the main village street and turn left downhill.  Follow the path down and up the valley and at the little church turn left and keep walking down.


Elios is also known as Neo Klima and is where most of the inhabitants of Klima moved to after receiving a government grant following the earthquake.  It is the first small town you reach after turning right out of Klima.  There are a couple of supermarkets there, an excellent bakery (Karvelis) and a butchers shop, together with a beach/toy/gift shop. And restaurants - we love Manolis’ Taverna just below the gift shop on the right as you drive into town, and Mandalaki snack bar near Hovolo beach.


Skopelos Town is the main town of the island.  Follow the main road to the right out of Klima until, eventually, you reach a turn off to the left signposted Skopelos which takes you over the hill and down to the town.  If you miss this it is not the end of the world – you will follow a slightly more scenic route which also leads to the town.  Here there are plenty of shops both along the front and on the roads leading up from the front.  The supermarkets are on the large roads approaching the town either from Stafilos or from the over-the-hill route, and are much cheaper than the Glossa supermarket if you need to stock up.  There is also an open air cinema each evening.  





There are restaurants in all the towns/villages  (except for Klima!).  We list our favourites:


In Glossa, towards the top of the hill is Agnanti (24240 33076) – this is also excellent, more expensive, more romantic with an interesting if slightly less varied menu.  The views are gorgeous.  Kyra Leni’s is good for a quick snack.  The tavernas on the main road at the bend and at the small plateia (the word for a village square but often this is just a small opening of the road) half way up the hill are also popular and serve mainly traditional meat grills and souvlaki.  At the top near the church is a lovely bar serving snacks called Rouga - often it has live music.  Look for the green chairs and traditional doorway. 


In Elios try Vangelis, just opposite the children’s playground and behind one of the supermarkets for traditional meat, fish and vegetable dishes.  Below Vangelis is Manolis - fantastic traditional Greek cooking which normally also offers a good selection of meat, fish and vegetable dishes.


In Loutraki there are restaurants along the the seafront.  There is a pizza restaurant, Petrino, further along near the harbour which does good pizza, pasta and breakfast.  It also has wifi.  This is the first restaurant you come to if you walk down the footpath from the house and along the shore.


There are many restaurants in Skopelos Town – we always go to Molos, right at the far end of the harbour, which always has an excellent variety of good quality, traditional meat and vegetable dishes.  It is next door to Klimataria which is also good.  Anna’s at the top of town (well signposted) offers fine food and often has musicians playing in the evening.






There are beaches all over the island – here are a few to choose from:


Armenopetra is 5 minutes drive from Klima and then down a winding road to the sea, only really accessible by car or boat.  It is unspoilt despite having a few sunbeds to rent and like most of the beaches is pebbled.


Elios beach is a little busier, mainly with locals and generally very pleasant and easy – the sea has a sandy bottom in places.  More picturesque in Elios is Hovolo beach (to the left of the harbour as you face the sea) which has a huge white cliff behind it topped with pines.


Kastani is the setting for the jetty scene in Mamma Mia – it used to be completely unspoiled and beautiful, set amidst pines, marred only occasionally by wasps if they chose to visit but a couple of years ago someone put a large café there, enlarged the parking area and installed row upon row of sunbeds. 


Milia is bigger  – it has plenty of sunbeds – but is still very beautiful and is accessible by the bus which drives right down to the beach.  There are a couple of tavernas near the beach and it makes a good day out especially if you are using the buses.


Panormos is also easy – it is a stunning natural harbour with a nice beach and tavernas (not the best) along the beach, making life simple with children and very accessible.  Again, beautiful views while you are swimming of the mountains and the pines.  The best taverna we found is over the road from the beach, Georgos.


To the south of the island Limnonari is sandy and a lovely spot – there is a taverna there on the beach.  Staphylos faces due south and is very sunny and popular with gorgeous water and a huge beach with a taverna just above the beach.  Can be very busy in the summer but great outside August.


If you can get there by car or taxi, you should visit Agios Ioannis, the church on the rock (where they got married in Mamma Mia), which has a lovely cove or two below and very nice swimming – some sunbeds but otherwise very natural and unspoiled.…until the Mamma Mia tour boats arrive playing loud music, that is!  Perivoliou is also on this side of the island and accessed by turning right just before you reach Glossa (and then driving for another 15/20 mins on small roads).  


We often keep life as simple as possible and swim at Loutraki just below where the footpath from Klima reaches the shore there.  It is a small beach and a little like swimming off a lakeshore.  (You might want a dip anyway if you have just walked down the footpath.)  There is also the main beach at Loutraki near the port which is surprisingly clean and offers plenty of swimming space. 






Please refer to the walking guides on the bookshelf and the maps.  You can easily walk to Loutraki from the house by going up the steps to the main track of the village and turning left down the hill.  This footpath and a couple of others were redone (thanks to the EU!) in 2011 and are much easier to walk now.  Follow this path down, round the valley and up to the church at Kato Klima.  Turn left at the church and find the path that goes down the hill – this takes you right down, through olive groves, to the shore at Loutraki.  You can take the bus back if you don’t want to walk up again.  


If you take the path above out of the village and look out for another path off to the left, near the spring, you will follow a smaller footpath down through olive groves (passing well beneath the end of our garden) and come to a newly bulldozed, unmade road.  If you follow this keeping the sea on your right eventually you will come to Armenopetra.  It makes for a beautiful walk even though it is a shame that they have bulldozed through a previously  unpoilt headland.


You can also walk to Glossa – follow the path out of the village and up to Kato Klima and at the church turn right up the hill.  Soon you will come to another path off to the left – follow this past the house and out of the village and you will find the footpath to Glossa.  (We didn’t do this in 2011 so don’t know how clear it is now, but there are enough English and Germans who have houses in Kato Klima that it is likely to be clear enough!)


In summer if you are walking off the roads be aware that there may be snakes and scorpions around – wear footwear that is suitable!  

If you want to explore the garden (it goes as far as the old olive trees - is now fenced but does have a small gap for access at the bottom) please feel free to borrow our wellies and again, be careful of children with regard the possibility of snakes/scorpions etc.  We have not had a bad experience and our children are quite adventurous but we have seen snakes and you should be aware of their existence.


Car Rental


The following car rental companies are on the island:

Dream Cars (based in Loutraki)   Mob: 6976-243731, Tel: 33977 Email:

Magic Cars        0030 24240 23250/23041

Maxi             0030 24240 24380

Motor Taxis    0030 24240 22986




Free Wifi is available throughout the property.  The passwords are on the fridge (there are two networks - one for inside the house and one for the terrace and around the house).

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